Located in the heart of Tooting, Mud is the perfect brunch hideaway for those living in South West London. Small in size, the café does not take bookings, but is definitely worth the wait. Foodwise, the main focus is on coffee and brunch, with the brunch menu being served until 3pm every day.
image1 (2)
On this particular occasion, I had the Corn Fritter Stack (along with all my other friends who were in attendance) and they were simply divine! Stacked one on top of another, with smashed avocado, a poached egg and the option of streaky bacon, this dish could do no wrong!
Additional Info:
Service: From start to finish, the Mud staff were nothing but accommodating, helpful and friendly. Although Mud does not take bookings, the staff did not keep us waiting too long, and did their very best to ensure we got a table as soon as possible. Once seated, ordering was quick and easy, and the waiting time for food was no longer than 20 minutes.
Pricing: Mud’s prices are standard for a brunch menu, with main courses averaging at around £8, sides £3.50 and drinks anywhere from £2-£5 depending on whether it is a coffee or freshly prepared juice.

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