How I curl my hair

I have always loved styling my hair. Whether it’s curling, straightening, a curly blow-dry or an up do, I love exploring all of the latest styling products and tools.
I have had my José Eber curling wand for about 3 years now and the tool is yet to let me down! I came across the product by chance while visiting a friend one day and decided to give it a go. The wand comes in a variety of sizes, based on the style of curl you want and the thickness and length of your hair. I went for the medium size (25mm) clipless curling iron as my hair is mid-length. Each wand comes with a heat protectant glove to avoid burns. Personally, I have been styling my hair for so long that I do not need a glove, but I would definitely recommend using it if you are a beginner.
Step 1: Make sure your hair is washed and fully dry. Do not use any other styling tools (i.e. straighteners) before using the wand. This will affect the hold of the curl.
Split the hair down the middle, based on where you wear your parting. From there, divide the hair into a further 2 sections, pinning away the upper layers.



Step 2: Allow 1-2 minutes for your curler to heat up. Then take single pieces of hair (approximately half an inch to an inch, depending on the thickness of your hair) and wrap it around the wand. Wait 10-15 seconds and remove the wand. Hold the hair in its curl shape for 3-5 seconds and spray with hair spray (I recommend TRESemmé or L’Oréal Elnett.) Keep repeating these steps until the full head of hair is complete. At the end, take a wide tooth comb or a light brush and brush through the curls, for a softer, more natural look.


*For a daytime look, I use dry shampoo for a bit of volume. This also helps to create a very textured look. I use Batiste dry shampoo (original)  – it’ my favourite.
** For those with dry hair that is prone to frizz, then I suggest also using a hair oil or serum. Squeeze no more than a pea drop into your hands, and rub through your palms. Then run your hands and fingers through your hair. Don’t worry if the hair looks a little oily initially, this will go away after a few minutes. Any Kerastaste oils are amazing, but for a cheaper alternative the L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil is fantastic and does the trick!

12       3                      original-large

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