Dalloway Terrace



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Despite living in London for a year a half now, I still find myself in new places I haven’t even heard of! This particular day was one of those occasions.

It was a sunny Monday in London and I had decided to take the day off work to celebrate my housemates 26th birthday. I had come across the Dalloway Terrace on Instagram a few weeks previously, and was dying to try it!




Five minutes from Russel Square park, and named after the eponymous character created by Virginia Woolf, Dalloway Terrace is stunning space, decorated with flowers, branches and bumblebees, and is located in the historic Bloomsbury – London’s literacy centre.

Food is a little on the pricier side, but it is definitely worth it for the atmosphere! The terrace is outdoors, with a roof covering to keep out the cold. The staff are very friendly and accommodating, and the food was delicious! The restaurant does breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as afternoon tea ( which I am definitely going back to try!)






Right next door to the terrace is The Coral Room. This stunning bar has an old-school retro feel that transports you out of London. We came across this bar by chance so it is definitely on my list to go back to and try! The British Museum is also only a 5-10 minute walk away, and great for a daytime visit – not to mention it is free!






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