Homemade Face Exfoliator


I generally have quite dry skin, and this tends to get worse in extreme weathers! There is nothing I hate more than when your skin starts to get flaky on your face and leaves your make up looking uneven and patchy.

Before Christmas, I was in New York and my skin started getting really dry from the cold weather. Instead forking out dollars on an exfoliant I didn’t want, I decided to make a homemade scrub. I started doing some research and found a mix made of 3 ingredients – ground coffee, brown sugar and coconut oil!

This scrub is honestly so quick and easy to make and works incredibly well! I now try and make it at least once a month.



1 dessertspoon coconut oil
1 dessertspoon ground coffee
1 dessertspoon brown sugar




1. Melt coconut oil in microwave for 10-20 seconds until soft/melted
2. Add in ground coffee and brown sugar and mix
3. Apply to face (beware it is messy) and rub in circular motions across your face for 2 min, paying particular attention to drier areas (in my case my chin and nose.)
4. When you are finished, remove the mixture using hot water.
5. Once face is clean, face should feel clean and smooth from the coconut oil.

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