My Fake Tan Removal Tips

Let’s face it, taking off fake tan is a bloody nightmare, and at times virtually impossible! From living in a house with 4 other women who love fake tan as much as I do, it has helped me compile a list of the best ways to take off stubborn fake tan:


Exfoliating Gloves

You can get these gloves in Boots, Primark and most pharmacies and they are a life saviour when it comes to taking off tan! Don’t even bother taking off the product without them, as you will not get the same effect.



Tanning Eraser

Having a tanning eraser on before you shower, definitely helps when it comes to fake tan removal. I wouldn’t say it takes everything off, but it certainly helps. Try and apply the eraser as far in advance of your shower as you can, for best results.





If you have the time to have a bath instead of a shower, then this will definitely help when taking off your tan. It gives your skin time to soften and soak in the hot water, making it easier to scrub off remaining product.

2017-02-24 16_45_54-chloe-resized-lifestyle --800x800.png


Lemons are also a great way to remove fake tan. You can either slice up a few segments and throw them into your bath, or use a wedge to directly scrub off stubborn tan!





Salt Scrubs

When used with an exfoliating glove, salt scrubs are also great for exfoliating the skin and targeting stubborn fake tan. It leaves the skin super smooth, making for a better base for when you re-apply your tan. You can get these in Boots, Superdrug, Tk Maxx etc.


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