My Guide to Mykonos

Beautiful Mykonos




Initial TIP:

Whatever you do this summer BOOK travel insurance. I was meant to be going on this trip with my friend, who unfortunately ended up in hospital just before we went. It was really stressful trying to sort everything out, as neither of us had travel insurance. Particularly for her, she lost all her money as well as the trip. I am so glad she is healthy and well now, but it was a big learning curve for us both.

In addition, Mykonos is expensive, particularly compared to other Greek islands, so this is definitely something to be mindful of when researching/booking places.


Where we stayed: My Mykonos Hotel
We booked our hotel and flights with I’ll be honest, I have never really used websites like this before, but it worked out great. Only a year old, the hotel was incredible. A small, boutique hotel within walking distance of the main town, it was absolutely stunning. We had bed and breakfast included, which suited us perfectly as it meant we would just have dinner in the evenings and snack throughout the day. The hotel is right beside a supermarket which is handy to grab any drinks/snacks.
Location – so according to google maps, the hotel was 1-1.5km from the main town, which was definitely the case, however it was on a hill. This meant the walk down was quite long and steep (15/20 mins.) It is fine if you have the right shoes on and definitely ask the locals for the alternative route, which avoids the main road.
There are taxis on the island, although not many, so keep an eye out for local taxi ranks and if you can get hold of a taxi company’s card that’s always handy to have, as you can contact them directly.
Taxis are expensive (not for local locations) in particular if you want to go to the other side of the island etc (25/30 euro each way.)
We had a done a good bit of research before we went to Mykonos on all things food and restaurants. Because we were only there for 5 days we could only try so much, so below (with pictures) are the places we tried. I have also included places we didn’t get a chance to try but come highly recommended:
Hippie Fish
Scorpios Mykonos
Bowl (breakfast spot)
Joanna’s Nikos Place Taverna
Kiki’s Tavern
Bill and Coo
180 Degrees Sunset Bar:

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