June Haul

I picked up a few bits over the past two weeks and thought I would share what I got…



I can’t get over how comfy these shoes are! I hate heels that hurt my feet so these were the perfect summer shoe, at a ridiculously good price!

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 21.19.22



This headband is perfect for summer, and comes in a variety of other colours both instore and online.


Blue Rinse Wash Distressed Denim Mom Shorts £17.99

Considering the price, I was quite surprised at how much I loved the fit and quality of these shorts. They are also not too short – so need to worry about them riding up at the back!

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 20.28.09

Yellow Crochet Vest Top £12.99



Bodysuit with contrasting straps £12.99

This bodysuit also comes in a variety of other colours.


JUJU Brighton Off the Shoulder Polka Dot Top

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 21.24.36


H&M Cropped T-shirt £6.99

This t-shirt also comes in an orange and royal blue.


Victoria Sport Knockout by Victoria Sport Pocket Capri

Victoria Secret currently have their semi-annual sale across Sport, PINK, bras, panties, beauty, sleep and accessories. I ADORE VS sports stuff, the leggings are super thick and durable and last for a very long time.

Current Price: £57.76
Clearance £21.71



March/April Beauty Favourites


I have been trying a variety of different beauty products over the past month or two, and have been absolutely loving some of the stuff I have been trying. I decided to compile a list of my favourite products….


MAC Viva Glam II

I absolutely adore this nude shade from the Viva Glam range in MAC. The colour has mauve undertones and a satin finish. This lipstick works really well with MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil. (£17.50)



Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

It was actually my sister who introduced me to Becca Cosmetics. I had never used any of their products before and ended up trying one of their highlighters. I LOVE this highlighter – it has a really natural finish but is super pigmented at the same time. (£32.00 Cult Beauty)





NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser  SPF 30

I’ll admit, I used to use this product but only recently switched back to it. I hate wearing a lot of make up at work, as I like to give my skin a chance to breathe during the week. This moisturizer is super light weight and smooth and gives a natural, dewy finish. I cannot recommend this product enough to people looking for a more natural look. I used to wear the colour Finland, but as I am wearing more tan in Spring, I went for the slightly darker shade of Alaska. (£30.00)






Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Med – Dark Lotion

I recently bought this product in Boots, when they had run out of the Garnier tinted moisturizer, and so far I am a big fan! I think both products are equally as good but its a great, affordable alternative to other tanning moisturizers. (£7.79 in Boots)





Benefit Precisely my brow eyebrow pencil

For those who like natural, but fuller eyebrows, then this product is a great option for you! The product comes with both the brow stick and brush so you can shape your brows exactly how you like them. It also comes in a variety of shades, but I would have the Benefit staff try it on you first before you choose the right shade for you. (£20.50)





L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I have started using this oil again in my hair and found it leaves my hair so silky and smooth and keeps it from getting frizzy after blow drying. To use it, I wash my hair as normal and dry with a towel to get the main wet out. From there I take a pea drop size of the oil and massage through my hands and run through my hair. One bottle lasts at least a year so it is definitely worth it! This product is also a great alternative to the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil, which is at least double the price. (£9.99 in Boots)





Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

Once again, I borrowed this product from my sister when I was home recently. I had a heard a lot about the HUDA beauty products but had never actually tried any. The eye shadows are soo pigmented, I was blown away! This palette is also so handy if you are forever doing make up on the (go like I am,) as it is small and compact! (£25.00)

Huda beauty.PNG



Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix

I have said before that I have quite dry skin on my face. I try and make a homemade exfoliator where I can, but if I need something compact or on the go, I have been loving this glycolic exfoliator from Nip & Fab. It’s really gentle on the skin but is great at removing dry/flaky skin. (£9.95)


nip and fab


Spring Haul

During the heatwave 10 days ago, I was inspired to do some Spring/Summer shopping! I realised I needed both casual and work clothes that I could wear when the weather gets warm again in London!

Earlier this week/this weekend I targeted Oxford Street, despite the weather being utterly freezing again! I went to Zara, H&M and Bershka and couldn’t get over the range and value of the Spring/Summer stuff! H&M was great for light, summer dresses you can wear to work and unsurprisingly I wanted to buy every single item in Zara!

Now I just need to wait for the weather to get good again…

















Bershka V-neck shirt £14.99


H&M T-shirt with a tie £8.99





H&M V-neck dress £24.99

H&M Flounce-sleeved dress £14.99/£19.99


H&M Pointed ballet pumps £12.99


Homemade Face Exfoliator


I generally have quite dry skin, and this tends to get worse in extreme weathers! There is nothing I hate more than when your skin starts to get flaky on your face and leaves your make up looking uneven and patchy.

Before Christmas, I was in New York and my skin started getting really dry from the cold weather. Instead forking out dollars on an exfoliant I didn’t want, I decided to make a homemade scrub. I started doing some research and found a mix made of 3 ingredients – ground coffee, brown sugar and coconut oil!

This scrub is honestly so quick and easy to make and works incredibly well! I now try and make it at least once a month.



1 dessertspoon coconut oil
1 dessertspoon ground coffee
1 dessertspoon brown sugar




1. Melt coconut oil in microwave for 10-20 seconds until soft/melted
2. Add in ground coffee and brown sugar and mix
3. Apply to face (beware it is messy) and rub in circular motions across your face for 2 min, paying particular attention to drier areas (in my case my chin and nose.)
4. When you are finished, remove the mixture using hot water.
5. Once face is clean, face should feel clean and smooth from the coconut oil.


I have always been blessed with good skin. Throughout my teenage years, acne was minimal, and I rarely had to invest too much in beauty products or treatments. I always got away with doing the bare minimum.  However, a few months ago I turned 26, and felt it was time to take control! Let’s be honest, I am not getting any younger, and I am forever reading about the importance of targeting anti-ageing from an early age. I realised I could no longer get away with doing the minimum. My routine at the time consisted of Garnier Micellar Water to remove my make up, followed by some E45 moisturizer. The odd week I would make a homemade exfoliator, but that was really it! Not to mention, the pollution in London is awful and has really affected my skin, causing it to breakout regularly.

There was just one problem – I didn’t know where to start! So I decided to contact one of my close friends, who is obsessed with everything ‘skin’ related. She immediately insisted that I go and get a skin consultation. I needed to find out what type of skin I had, and what worked/didn’t work for me. There was no point in investing in good products if they were not right for my skin type. She recommended I go to Iconic Beauty in Rathgar, Dublin 6 for a consultation (there is also a salon in Foxrock.)




As I live in London, I decided to book in a mini facial while I was home in Dublin for Christmas. For €50 you get a full mini facial and skin consultation, with one of the salon’s beauty therapists (which I personally think this is fantastic value!) Iconic use IMAGE beauty products which, so far, I am loving! Based on your skin type, they recommend which products are best for you, what your daily skin routine should look like, and promise that you will see significant differences within just a few weeks. The staff are not pushy about investing in the products there and then, but instead, leave you with an IMAGE booklet/guide to take home, and allow you some time to think about it.




I ended up purchasing the IMAGE gift set which was on offer at the time. This included all the products I needed for my skin type. A few of my friends have now visited Iconic, and have seen significant differences in their skin. So, if you are looking for a new skin routine and are willing to invest in some high quality products, then Iconic is the place for you!


Alternatively, if you are looking for a more affordable option, then you can try the Liz Earle range. Their products are not overly expensive and are a great happy medium for those looking to move away from drugstore brands. I have used their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and found it super light on my skin, whilst also removing all my make up.




P.S. According to the Iconic staff, Garnier Micellar water is one of the worst things you can use on your skin! So if you are using this product on a regular basis, you might want to consider re-evaluating your routine.

How I curl my hair

I have always loved styling my hair. Whether it’s curling, straightening, a curly blow-dry or an up do, I love exploring all of the latest styling products and tools.
I have had my José Eber curling wand for about 3 years now and the tool is yet to let me down! I came across the product by chance while visiting a friend one day and decided to give it a go. The wand comes in a variety of sizes, based on the style of curl you want and the thickness and length of your hair. I went for the medium size (25mm) clipless curling iron as my hair is mid-length. Each wand comes with a heat protectant glove to avoid burns. Personally, I have been styling my hair for so long that I do not need a glove, but I would definitely recommend using it if you are a beginner.
Step 1: Make sure your hair is washed and fully dry. Do not use any other styling tools (i.e. straighteners) before using the wand. This will affect the hold of the curl.
Split the hair down the middle, based on where you wear your parting. From there, divide the hair into a further 2 sections, pinning away the upper layers.



Step 2: Allow 1-2 minutes for your curler to heat up. Then take single pieces of hair (approximately half an inch to an inch, depending on the thickness of your hair) and wrap it around the wand. Wait 10-15 seconds and remove the wand. Hold the hair in its curl shape for 3-5 seconds and spray with hair spray (I recommend TRESemmé or L’Oréal Elnett.) Keep repeating these steps until the full head of hair is complete. At the end, take a wide tooth comb or a light brush and brush through the curls, for a softer, more natural look.


*For a daytime look, I use dry shampoo for a bit of volume. This also helps to create a very textured look. I use Batiste dry shampoo (original)  – it’ my favourite.
** For those with dry hair that is prone to frizz, then I suggest also using a hair oil or serum. Squeeze no more than a pea drop into your hands, and rub through your palms. Then run your hands and fingers through your hair. Don’t worry if the hair looks a little oily initially, this will go away after a few minutes. Any Kerastaste oils are amazing, but for a cheaper alternative the L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil is fantastic and does the trick!

12       3                      original-large


For the past 8 years, I have been wearing fake tan on a regular basis. Over time, I have tried and tested a variety of different brands to figure out what product works for me. I have quite dry skin and always found that tan does not always go on very easily. I hate when tan looks too orangey, so I am constantly looking for the most natural looking tan, with the easiest application.

Here are my current favourite tanning products that I have used in the last 6 months (links below):

1. HeShi: This tan is absolute favourite tan. I use the liquid tan, but the product also comes in a gel and mousse. I find the liquid version works really well on my dry skin, as it is not too thick and is light in application. It is super easy to apply with a mitt and comes up very naturally. Like most of my tans, I usually apply this before I got to bed, and wash off the top layer in the morning. Unlike most tanning products, HeShi encourages you to exfoliate ahead of application, but does not recommend moisturizing before putting the product on. This tan also works very well on your face, if you are looking for both a face and body product.
This is not the easiest product to find in Ireland. It is available in most Boots (but not all) and in several pharmacies. However, for those who love shopping online, the product is available to order both on their website and on the Boots website (can be limited).



For the UK: This product can be bought in Boots, Superdrug, FeelUnique, Amazon. (Please note that the product is not available in all Boots/Superdrug stores, so it is best to check in advance with your local store).
For an on-going glow, put on a layer of tinted moisturizer daily, to keep the tan looking fresh and smoother for longer.

2. Bondi Sands: This product is also excellent! I have used their dark mousse for a few months now, and find it very easy to apply. For those who don’t like their tan too dark, keep the layers minimal on this product, as it can come up quite dark. Like HeShi, I would recommend putting on this product before bed, allowing it to come up over night, and rinsing off the top layer in the morning. However, with this product it is important that you have exfoliated AND moisturized before applying. This tan is also one of the few tanning products that actually smells NICE!
Warning: The one downsize to this product is that it is particularly bad for staining bed sheets, so I would recommend wearing long sleeve pyjamas after application,



This product is available in Boots, Superdrug and online on Pretty Little Thing, ASOS, Boots, Superdrug, FeelUnique, Amazon and BondiSands.co.uk


3. Bellamianta: This is one of the more recent products I have tried. I came across this product by chance before Christmas and decided to give it a go. It is similar in texture and application to Bondi Sands, and again works best when left to build over night. This tan also comes up quite dark, so keep the layers minimal if you don’t want to be too dark.



Other: I have also used Vita Liberata before, which many of my friends swear by. Available in Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis, Amazon and FeelUnique.




Tanning moisturisers: I have used Garnier Summer Body moisturising lotion for as long as I can remember, and it never lets me down. Rather than using it as a tinted moisturizer, I use it as a way of keeping my original tan. I generally will apply a layer of this every day for up to 5 days after I put on my original layer of tan (HeShi/Bondi/Bellamaniata.)
TIP: I often find when I wash my original layer of tan off the morning after application, a good bit of the tan can come off. If you put a layer or two of Garnier on directly after you get out of the shower, it can help bring up the original tan over the course of the day.


Mitts: Unless you are super fussy, any tanning mitt (within reason) will do the trick. I recommend Boots or Superdrug (if you are in the UK) as their mitts are always reliable, regardless of the brand.

Low-Price Drugstore Options: For those looking for a slightly cheaper alternative then Coco Brown and Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer  self tan mousse are great drugstore options. Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer Instant tan (MATTE) is also great instant tanning fix.



Boots: http://www.boots.com/

Superdrug: https://www.superdrug.com/

FeelUnique: http://www.feelunique.com/

For stockists: http://bellamianta.com/stockists

ASOS: http://www.asos.com/women/face-body/?nlid=ww|face+%2B+body|shop+by+product

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.co.uk/

John Lewis: https://www.johnlewis.com/beauty/c50000296?rdr=1

House of Fraser: https://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/beauty/