Beautiful, magical Paris! I just adore this city. When I was 19 I spent a summer working here working as an intern, and as of 2018 I felt it was time to go back. This wonderful city has so much to offer, from sight – seeing to great food and wine. Here are all my tips…



We took the Eurostar to Paris from London. The trip is so effortless and easy and makes for a very pleasant journey. Kings Cross/St. Pancreas is accessible by tube, and the train arrives into Gare du Nord in Paris. This station also has Le Metro meaning you can hop straight onto public transport when you arrive. We booked our Eurostar tickets about 2-3 months in advance so they were only about £80 return. The journey takes about 2 hours. I would recommend arriving for your journey an hour in advance.


Where we stayed:

Because there were 5 of us, we decided to take an Airbnb for our stay in Paris. We chose the most stunning apartment located near the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, no destination was more than 30 minutes away. Andrew (the owner) was not only super friendly but also very helpful and accommodating when it came to restaurant bookings and places to go. The apartment was in the most beautiful building that lead into a stunning courtyard. The flat itself was very modern and comfortable to sleep in.

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Getting around:

CityMapper is a fantastic app for getting around. It has been my lifesaver since I moved to London, and was so handy in Paris too. The app tells you the quickest way of getting somewhere in extensive detail and all the travel options that are available. The app has a wide range of  cities available, so you can pick and chose where you are going. For taxis, I would recommend using Uber. Le Metro is very easy to navigate. I recommend buying single tickets in bulk, so x15 at a time, for example. These tickets let you go anywhere and on any line.



This is the ultimate Parisian cafe. In various locations around Paris, I visited the X branch close to the Lourve museum and Tuilleries Gardens. I simply adore this place! If anyone is ever asking me for go-to places in Paris, this is my number 1. Their hot chocolate is to die for, it is literally melted chocolate. I would recommend doing tea and cake here. Their normal food is okay but their cakes and hot chocolate are definitely what you go for.

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La Belle Epoque:

This is a hidden gem, that we got a recommendation for from the man who owned our Airbnb. This place is super trendy, and a go-to spot for those in the fashion industry. The food and wine was incredible and we were able to book in advance which was a huge plus!

Link to Website  




St. REGIS on Île Saint Louis:

When I lived in Paris, I was incredibly lucky to live on one of the two islands in the city, Ile Saint Louis. This tiny island is home to the most famous ice cream in Paris, Berthillon, and is right next to the Notre-dame. This small little French bistro is the perfect spot for lunch, located right on the corner of the main street, and over the bridge onto the island. The food was delicious, high quality and the staff were very friendly and accommodating.

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Berthillon Ice cream:





I can’t recommend this place enough. If you are going to Paris in a group then Alcazar is the perfect spot for a Saturday night! Located in Saint Germain the atmosphere is incredible, the venue is stunning and they allow you to pre-book. We had dinner in the restaurant downstairs. The food is delicious and  pretty reasonably priced for a good French restaurant. Upstairs is a fabulous balcony bar, with a stunning sit down area and great music for dancing! For those who want to take the night even further, there is an underground club right next door.

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Other restaurants I would recommend but didn’t get time to go to:

Le Relais de L’Entrecote

Big Mama Restaurants



Monsieur Bleu

Things to do/ Places to see:
  • Notre-dame & Île Saint Louis
  • Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Versailles (day trip outside of Paris)
  • The Louvre (free for 25 & under with a European driving licence) & The Tuileries Garden