My Dad wrote a Porno

It Galz

Private parts

I’m Grand Mam

The Laughs of your Life with Doireann Garrihy

The Adam Buxton Podcast 



Table Manners

Love stories by Dolly Alderton

The Good Glow

Sile Seoige Ready to be Real

Oprah’s SuperSoul conversations

Where should we begin?

Oprah’s master class

Desert Island Disks

George Ezra and friends

Girl Boss Radio

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush

Deep Diving with Eoghan McDermott

The High Low

London, Actually 

Desert Island Discs

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Science and Technology 


99% Invisible

Bad Batch

Dr. Death



We Crashed: The Rise and Fall of We Work

The Dropout



Gangster Capitalism

Slow Burn

Dial M for Mueller : Why Brexit Needs an FBI Style Inquiry



The Bellingcat Podcast

West Cork



The Daily by The New York Times

Caliphate by The New York Times

Today in Focus, The Guardian




Corbynism the Post Mortem


Food/Health/Wellbeing/Life Lessons

Deliciously Ella

Desert Island Dishes

Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

Recovering from reality

How To Fail

Unlocking us (brené brown)


You, me and the big C

The food medic podcast


True Crime

Gangstar Capitalism

The Teacher’s Pet

Broken: Jeffrey Epstein

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

Up and Vanished

Over my Dead Body

To Live and Die in LA

In the Dark


Confronting OJ Simpson


Dirty John

Happy Face

The Nobody Zone

Broken Harts



Sustainable Fashion

Dirty Laundry with Tara Stewart 

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard


Mental Health

Bite Back with Rozanna Purcell

Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast



The Art Angle

Artelligence Podcast

The Great Women Artists podcast



Modern Love (Features top actors performing true stories of love, loss, and redemption)

Dolly Parton’s America
TED Talks Daily

Things you can’t ask your mum

The Open Ears Project


Charles Manson’s Hollywood

**Big shoutout to Susan Mullane, Orla Cleary and Susie Gibbons for being the Queens of Podcasts and helping me out!

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