Chocolate Biscuit Pudding Cake

**Please note this is a mini cake and serves about 6 people. If you want to make a larger version, simply double/triple the recipe


100g butter

400g milk chcoolate

5 large/6 average size tbsp golden syrup

250g digestive biscuits

For the decorating

Maltesers (2-3 family bags)

Nutella/Chocolate icing

White fondant

Holly (to decorate)


First, break/smash all the biscuits until they are small lumps/crumbs. You can do this using a zip lock bag and rolling pin. Melt the butter and golden syrup over a low heat. When the butter is half way melted, add in the chocolate, stirring constantly. Once the mixture is fully melted, take it off the heat and stir in the biscuits. From there, line a bowl (shaped as closely as possible to a pudding) and poor the mixture in. Smooth with a spoon until flat and place in the fridge for a few hours until fully solid.

Once your biscuit cake is solid, take it out of the parchment paper and place on your serving tray/dish. Then spread either nutella or chocolate icing all around the outside of the cake so that the maltesers can stick to something. Then stick the maltesers onto the cake. Roll out some white fondant (using dusted icing sugar to stop it from sticking) and shape into the top part of the pudding. Then place on top and use some holly/rosemary/berries to decorate.

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